Big or small, simple or sophisticated, all your projects are important to us.

Our team of exceptional mosaic craftsmen will be happy to assist you in the realization of unique artworks that will bring sophistication and refinement to your interior design.

The creation of a custom mosaic is a complex task that requires, in the first place, the definition of a preparatory drawing and the relief of the exact dimensions of the place where it will be installed.

In order to ensure a flawless finish, a quote will be offered for the installation of your new artwork by our craftsmen on your walls or floors.


Our team is at your disposal to provide more details and answer any questions.

Traditional Mosaic

Traditional mosaic is an artistic technique that exists from the Roman and Byzantine areas and that combines different fragments of materials such as stone, marble, glass paste and smalt – called tesserae – and assembled next to each other.
Speaking in different styles, the traditional mosaic fits perfectly in the contemporary world and brings a real touch of elegance, refinement and sophistication to your interior decoration.

The quality of a mosaic is defined by:

Elegantia : choix des matières

The work of fragmentation of the chosen design called «Andamenti»

Elegantia : Mise en couleur mosaïque

The use of colors in harmony with the subject

The choice of materials 
(marble, gold, sandstone,
glass paste, etc.)
Mosaïque matière

The mosaic will then be made in the workshop

Atelier mosaïque

the deadlines of its manufacture depend on the complexity of your project